About the Consortium

The Rapid Prototyping Consortium is a unique partnership between industry and the university. Our 40+ member companies pay an annual membership fee to support the MSOE Rapid Prototyping Center. Member companies are entitled to a number of benefits, including access to our facilities, our professional staff, the MSOE faculty, and a variety of educational opportunities. We work exclusively with our member companies and the MSOE community. Membership is available at three annual membership levels, which vary in the number of hours of available for part production and other project work. We offer value to our member companies through:

Additive Manufacturing Services

Member companies are entitled to access to our laboratory facilities for the product of prototype or production parts, using additive or traditional manufacturing processes. We supplement our in-house capabilities with partner companies to provide a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to our members.

Applied Research

Member companies can use their membership hours to commission applied research efforts, involving collaboration between the company, the RPC staff, and the MSOE faculty. Example efforts include applications development for new additive manufacturing technologies, and material characterization for new 3D printing materials. Member companies can supplement their research and development capabilities with our in-house experts.

Product/process Development

Member companies can use their membership hours to engage the RPC staff and MSOE faculty in their product development process, or in the integration of additive processes into their manufacturing operations.  We have worked with member companies on converting traditional manufacturing operations to additive processes, on redesigning and optimizing parts for additive manufacturing, and on developing jigs and fixtures for industrial environments using additive processes

Educational  Opportunities

Member companies may send representatives to educational seminars in additive manufacturing and related technologies.  These seminars are offered five time a year, and participants receive continuing education credit through MSOE.  Seminars include experts from industry and academia speaking on the latest developments in additive technology, business leaders speaking on the financial and legal implications of additive manufacturing, and member companies themselves speaking on novel case studies in additive manufacturing.

Information on Joining

For information on joining the Rapid Prototyping Consortium, contact:

Vince Anewenter
Director, Rapid Prototyping Consortium
Ph: (414) 277-2471
email: anewente@msoe.edu

Full Consortium Members